Location. Location. Location. In our case, it really is everything.

Located in Lakshmipuram Thoppu area of Kollam district in amazing Kerala, our paddling center conveniently sits at the meeting point between the Arabian Sea, the Paravur Lake, and the Ithikkara River, allowing for exceptional access to the beautifully sheltered calm backwaters, open sea, and the beach. It is the end point of the Ithikkara River (freshwater) and part of the system of lakes and canals that make up the Kerala Backwaters. It is connected to Paravur Lake to the south-east and Ashtamudi Lake to the north-west as part of the Trivandrum – Shoranur Canal (TS Canal) system that’s commissioned in 1880. It is part of the proposed 558 km long National Waterway No.3, which is known as West Coast Canal.

Syzygy Ecosports venue in Kollam, Kerala Kayak Canoe paddle training center in kerala

A syzygy experience.

The word Syzygy is used to describe the perfect alignment of any three planets and it most commonly associated with the sun, moon and earth. To pronounce syzygy, accent the first syllable: “SIZ-eh-gee.” The most common occurrence of syzygy is when the sun, the moon, and the earth are lined up, which happens during the time of a new moon or a full moon. Syzygy can sometimes cause eclipses, and it also affects the tide. Drawing from the equilibrium syzygy implies, we build our paddling centre to bring balance and new perspectives when it comes to travel and hobbies.