It all started with passion for life in the thick of water

We were drawn to paddling due to a pure fascination for its philosophy and the deep feeling of connection we got when conveyed through the sea, rivers, backwaters, mangroves and islands. It’s used for fishing, transporting goods and people.

Syzygy Ecosports Canoe in Kerala Kollam

Soon, we wanted to share the experience and open up the activity to all people who were attracted to exploring places in an adventurous and eco-friendly way, to gaining discipline and learning how to tame the waters, to developing a new hobby that would unravel a new beautiful world. And what better place to do that than in Kerala, where 44 perennial rivers, 15 backwaters and 600 km of coast run through the south-west of India? An over-abundance of beauty awaits in hidden places and secluded villages where traditions are as alive today as ever.

syzygy ecosports begin to paddle in kerala kollam

Begin to paddle

Thus, Syzygy Ecosports was born in 2013, initially as a test marketing initiative (Kayak in Kerala) and as of the beginning of 2017, as a full-working paddle sports centre, ready to meet all the needs of kayak enthusiasts and all those curious about this water sport, travellers and locals alike.

Reasons for chasing wind & waves

Our objective is to promote paddle sports in India, including world-class kayaks, canoes, and accessories imported from Europe. We aim to encourage people to be active participants in exploring, protecting, and promoting wilderness.

syzygy ecosports kayak paddling in kerala kollam backwaters objectives
syzygy ecosports friends kayaking together in kollam kerala

Those who paddle together, stick together

We believe in paddling together and having fun with friends and family. But for some, paddling is very personal and inward. Whether it’s paddling in groups or alone, we believe that we are all connected on a deeper level by finding new edges, becoming authentic explorers, experiencing the joy of ‘getting there’ and ‘being there’.

Meet our team

Syzygy Ecosports Kayak Kerala Kollam Jennifer Netto Canoeing

Jennifer Netto

A mother of two beautiful children, Jenny is a computer graduate with experience in British and French firms in Dubai. She quit her corporate life and moved back to India for one reason – to live life simple in harmony with nature of Kerala. Dani dared to dream of setting up a world-class paddling centre. Jenny rose up, moved the hills and mountains from the way of dream to make it happen. She keeps the running to make it a success.

Syzygy Ecosports Kayaking Canoeing Kerala Kollam Dani Gorgon

Dani Gorgon

The only Indian to have kayaked 100 KM in a day. Dani achieved it in 13:09:16 at Võhandu Maraton, Estonia in 2016. He started canoeing at a very early age of 12 years and is one of the top paddlers in India with proficiency in surfski, sea kayaking, dragon boat, and long distance multi-day expeditions. Dani is passionate to share his expertise on navigation, rescue, and survival skills.

Santoshi Dalai
Instructor & Guide

Santo is so excited to share with you everything she knows about kayaking, especially in this breathtaking place called Kerala. With a Diploma in Sports Coaching (rowing, canoeing and kayaking) from the Sports Authority of India and various medals at National and State Marathons and Sprint Championships, her passion goes beyond the ordinary.

Alen Netto
Facility Manager

PADI certified professional diver, Alen had successfully delivered many diving assignments for various multinational companies and government agencies from Mumbai to Kochi in the west coast of India. He understands the places and waterbodies like no other and can show you fascinating traditions and amazing people.